How to get here

Train (10 min + 10 min walk): Take the train (direction Cascais) from Cais do Sodré station (Metro: “Cais do Sodré” green line). Exit in Algés. When exiting Algés train station, go down and then to your right towards the river.

Tram (30 min + 10 min walk): Take the 15 tram from Praça da Figueira. Exit in Largo da Princesa. Cross the bridge to the other side of the train tracks (on the same side of “Vela Latina” Restaurant) and walk to the Champalimaud Centre for the Unknown (river will be on your left).

A táxi ride from downtown Lisbon should cost between 5-10 €. Tell the driver to take you to the Centro Champalimaud, em Belém, at Av. Brasília, Doca de Pedrouços.

By Car (from Downtown Lisbon/Praça do Comércio/Rua do Arsenal)
1. Head South heading to Av. da Ribeira das Naus
2. Continue to Cais do Sodré turn around Pç. Duque de Terceira Square heading to the Train Station and Ferries
3. At Cais do Sodré after the Taxi Stand turn right and continue straight forward for 7 kilometers
4. After the BP Gas Station on your left and the Belém Tower keep on the left lane (do not go up the ramp!)
5. You will then see the Champalimaud Centre for the Unknown
6. Turn Left, enter the underground parking lot and park your car
GPS coordinates
+38° 41′ 35.33″, -9° 13′ 15.16″

Getting To and From the Champalimaud Center for the Unknown

The ride should cost around 8 €.

TRAM leaves every 15-20 min. Please find more information on Carris website.